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Custom Wheels Information and Buying Tips

Custom Wheels buying can be a tricky affair. Typically a consumer is spending anywhere from $800-$2000 for a 17 to 20 inch wheel and tire package. On this page we will guide you in the do's and don't's of this difficult task of purchasing custom wheels for your vehicle.

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Custom Wheels - Wheel and Tire Package's

Wheel and Tire Packages are a great way to buy custom wheels. The package includes the custom wheels you choose in addition the correct size tires you will need to make the vehicle stay the same as it was stock. Generally if you put oversized tires your speedometer wont be accurate, in addition the gear ratio in your drive train will change. This is bad news now your speedometer is reading 40 mph and your actually going 65 mph! In addition going up a hill and your vehicle is bogging down. So its very important to get the right size tires. Also known as Plus Sizing.

A wheel and tire package just makes sense. Lets say you have a Honda Accord, the Accord came with 15 inch rims and tires stock from the factory. Now you are purchasing 17 inch rims. Your original 15 inch tires will not work on 17 inch rims. So in most cases people are buying larger custom wheels then what came with their vehicle. So its very convenient to get the new custom wheels and tires in one package, known as the "Wheel and Tire Package".

Generally Wheel and Tire packages are a great bargain

Generally you also get a Deal, because you are buying wheels and tires. Basically you take them out of the box, mount them up and away you go. Just as easy as changing a tire only x 4. If you were to go price out 17 inch tires at the local tire store you may be shocked because the prices locally for just these low profile tires are expensive. As always the best place to go to get your wheel and tire package is Discounted Wheel Warehouse and Custom Wheels and Car Rims.com . They are trained professionals on custom wheels and tires and have the knowledge and experience to assure correct fitment of your new wheel and tire package. In fact its a guarantee! They also have the most competitive prices on the internet.

Methods of Payment-Don't get Taken

Credit Card is by all means the best way to purchase your new wheel and tire package. There are a lot of lets say, not so honest companies on the internet and mostly in magazines. A Credit Card at least gives you some protection. The common way of the not so honest companies is Western Union Quick Collect.

With Western Union Quick Collect, you pay to an account of the retailer. Typically cash, although Western Union does take credit cards. If you want to pay cash this is a good way to go, as long as you are dealing with a reputable company.

Buyer Beware

The way it typically goes is, you find a "Great Price" on a wheel and tire package and they want you to Western Union the money to their account. Which again is not bad if you want to pay with cash. However what happens with the not so honest companies is, they call you back explaining extra shipping cost, mounting and balancing fees, more expensive tires are needed for you particular vehicle. The list goes on and on. The reason they want Western Union or most companies do, is because this is a large sum of money typically $800-$2000. Some of these companies have lost hundreds of thousands to credit card fraud and alike.

Purchase from a reputable custom wheels retailer

So its a mixed bag, a reputable company will offer the wheels at a good price generally, their web site will typically be of good quality and content. Another good sign is if they rank good on the search engines in the main body of the search engine page. If you take the search term "car rims" and use a known search engine like " Google " and enter car rims you will notice Discounted Wheel Warehouse and Custom Wheels and Car Rims on the first page and in the main body of the page.

This is a sign of a company in for the long haul, that's been doing ecommerce business for a long time. Anyone with enough money can be listed at the top "sponsored" or side "sponsored" spots, but to be listed in the main search results on page one takes a long time and a lot of hard dedicated work. The sign of a reputable company in for the long haul.

Dont get taken!

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