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Wheel and Tire Package

The most economical way to purchase new custom wheels is a Wheel and Tire Package. Most of the time you will be buying larger custom wheels then came stock from the factory. So you will need new tires as well. A wheel and tire package offers a all in one solution!

What comes with my Wheel and Tire Package?

Typically wheel and tire packages come with the correct size tires for your vehicle, mounted and balanced. So when you receive your wheel and tire package its ready to go. All you need to do is take the wheel and tire package out of the boxes and mount them to your vehicle. Its as easy as changing a tire.

Sounds great where can I get wheel and tire packages's?

Discounted Wheel Warehouse and Custom Wheels and Car Rims sell mainly wheel and tire package. You can just buy rims, but why bother? If you were to buy the wheels separately and then buy the tires separately you would lose money. Its cheaper to buy a wheel and tire package.

Why are Wheel and Tire Packages cheaper?

Because you are buying two high dollar items together, you will save on both wheels, and tires. If you were to price these separate typically on 18 inch you would end up paying $200 - $300 more once you received the merchandize. Then you would have to have them mounted and balanced, another $50-$100.

Wheel and Tire Package is the way to go

They come ready to mount, they save you money. Most wheel and tire packages come with certain tires, you can always configure the package to have a tire that you would like. Most likely the cost will just be adjusted between the tire the wheel and tire package comes with, and the cost of your selected tire.