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Custom Wheels Construction

Welcome to the Custom Wheels and Spinning Rims - Information Directory

How are these custom wheels produced? Were going to show you! On this page we discuss the manufacturing process of modern day custom wheels. In the end I feel you will have a better appreciation of a good quality, modern day custom wheel. So scroll down and learn how these monster custom wheels are built.

We start with "Casting" of the Aluminum Alloy Wheel. Casted from Ingot Aluminum. Bellow is a Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Wheel. Low pressure is the technique used in modern day Alloy Wheels production. It makes the wheels more dense, creating a stronger wheel.

After casting the wheel the wheel is now drilled for the bolt pattern the wheel is to be used on. Using what is called a CNC Machine, manufacturers can drill they very accurately. As seen bellow this wheel has 8 holes. This wheel is designed for a 4-Lug vehicle but they have drilled it to fit 2 different bolt patterns. Example: 4x100 and 4x114.3. This way the wheel can fit a broader range of applications.

The wheel is now polished and cleaned. Ready for the rest of the process. Some alloy wheels stop here. They are sold typically 20-30% cheaper and are known as "Polished". They forego the chrome process which makes production less costly. In return they can be purchased cheaper then chrome wheels in most cases. Polished wheels have their own look and appeal. They tend to be bright, and do need to be polished using polishing compound about every 6 months.

The chrome process begins! After the raw wheel has been soaked and cleaned it goes through etching, desmut, zincate, nickel strike, acid dip, and finally acid copper plate. We now have a copper plated wheel! Ready to go on to the next step, Nickel plate.

The Nickel plate is just another phase to the final chrome. Treatment includes: a soak clean, eletroclean, acid dip, semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, and micropolous nickel plate.

Triple chrome plate is performed at this point. Treatment includes: copper buff was applied to the wheel followed by a soak clean, eletroclean, acid dip, semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, and micropolous nickel plate.

Done deal, modern day chrome custom wheel. This is now a high quality wheel that will last a long time. Using all these phases makes the chrome very durable and will resist chipping or fading. Some companies skip some of the process, the result typically "Cheap Chrome Wheels". Because the chrome will actually chip and flake within a year of purchase. The old saying "you get what you pay for" holds true. Typically a good quality custom wheel with triple chrome plating in 20 inch will run you $1999 to $2499 depending on manufacturer. The best place to buy and inquire about triple chrome plated wheels is Discounted Wheel Warehouse or Custom Wheels and Car Rims.com