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The newest and hottest thing to hit the custom wheels market is spinning rims. This wonderful invention gives the appearance of the wheels still spinning when the vehicle is actually stopped. You cant miss a vehicle with spinning rims they are truely impressive!

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How do Spinning Rims work?

Most Spinning Rims are attachments. They attach to existing custom wheels. There are a few exceptions to the rule. Dub Spinning Rims and Omega Spinning Rims are wheels and spinners all in one.

Spinning Rims are attached to regular custom wheels using special lug nuts. Once the lug nuts are in place the spinning rims have special bolts that thread into the special lug nuts. Allowing the spinning Rims attachment to be mounted.

The actual spinning part is made much like regular custom wheels as seen in our custom wheels construction page. Then a base is attached. The spinner part is then attached to the base usually with a large diameter precision bolt assembly. The spinner then rides on a heavy duty sealed bearing.

What makes Spinning Rims Spin?

Mainly Centrifugal Force is responsible for the spinners to keep spinning while stopped at the stop light. High quality bearings and good quality construction makes some spinning rims perform better and spin longer.

Which Custom Wheels can take Spinning Rims attachments?

Mainly Rear Wheel Drive custom wheels can take spinning rims. Reason for this is they are deep enough so that the spinning rims can ride inside the wheel. If the spinning rims ride outside the custom wheels then they can get damaged, in addition would hit the body of the car during cornering or going over bumps. Bellow is an example of a perfect Rear Wheel Drive offset custom wheel that will accommodate spinning rims.

Kaizer Pylon the perfect wheel for spinners

This custom wheel has a large "Lip" at least 2 inches deep. The spinner attachment base can ride and seat where the wheel's center cap is located. This is truely a perfect wheel for spinning rims. This is a Kaizer Pylon custom wheel that comes is 20 inch and 22 inch sizes.

Front Wheel Drive vehicle's have the most problems with Spinning Rims.

Bellow is a example of a Front Wheel Drive custom wheel. The problem exist with front wheel drive wheels, in that they don't have anywhere for the spinning rims to ride in. Thus making the spinner attachment stick out. This is not tolerable, the spinning rims must tuck into the wheel. The spinners must be protected and not touch any part of the vehicle, this could prove to be very dangerous.

Example of a typical FWD custom wheel

As you can see there is no "Lip" there is no place for the spinner to ride in. If you mounted a spinner to this wheel it would just stick out. It would not be protected, if you made a turn the spinner would most likely hit your fender. Most of all the wind would keep it from spinning properly.

Is there any hope for Front Wheel Drive offset Vehicle's, and Spinning Rims?

Yes there is! All is not lost. There are a few options. One option is if you were purchasing 20 inch Front Wheel Drive offset custom wheels. Diablo Wheels has a unique wheel that is a Front Wheel Drive offset wheel that also enables the use of spinning rims. Bellow is the Diablo Vienna 20 inch front wheel drive custom wheel. It has a 2 inch lip and works perfectly with most spinners, including Diablo Spinning Rims.

Diablo Vienna 20 inch FWD that takes sa spinner!

There are a few manufacturers making spinners for 18 inch front wheel drive wheels that have a 1 inch lip. We can not confirm or deny if they work properly as discussed. The ones we have seen will not properly tuck and will stick out. Another option is the Dub Spinner. If your vehicle maximum wheel size is 18 inch then the Dub Spinner is just for you. These are all in one spinning rims and wheels combination. By making the wheel for the spinner they are able to make a perfect spinning rims combination for 18 inch front wheel drive cars. Bellow is the Dub Spinner Bellagio and Dub Spinner Trump.

Dub Spinner Bellagio for 18 inch FWD carsDub Spinner Trump 18 inch for FWD cars.

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Spinning Rims

Spinning Rims

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